Napajedla Chateau

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Napajedla Chateau

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Location: Zlín Region

Hotel description

Napajedla Chateau is a hotel housed in a Baroque chateau in the middle of a large listed park, a 15-minute drive from Zlín. The hotel offers a chateau café with a terrace. The chateau rooms are tastefully furnished and have a private bathroom with shower or bath, minibar, TV, WI-Fi. Parking is provided free of charge in the castle grounds and is monitored by a camera system. Napajedla Castle, a jewel of Baroque architecture, will become, at least for a moment, your home, a place that you will enjoy and to which you will certainly be happy to return.

Location description

The town of Napajedla lies on the border of the Upper Moravian and Lower Moravian gorges, on the border of the three regions of Haná, Wallachia and Slovácko. Almost 7,500 people live here on 19.8 km2. The place, called the Napajedla Gate, was already a strategically important point for prehistoric and medieval man. The valley of the Morava River with favorable living conditions, located on the trade route, created the preconditions for permanent settlement. The historical name of the town itself testifies to its significance. For centuries, commercial and military caravans used the ford on the Morava River on the way from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and back. When they stopped here, they watered the horses and found food in the surrounding forests. The first written record dates from 1355. Thanks to its strategic location, Napajedla belonged to the ancient hereditary royal estates and was later an attractive mortgage estate. For a long time, Žerotínová took over the government. A significant trace of the history of the manor was left by the Rottal family, which magnified it several times. The coat of arms of the Rottal family adorns the entrance gates to the church of St. Bartholomew and Napajedla Castle. It was built in the Baroque style for the last heiress of the Rottal family by the Viennese court architect Grimm. The Napajedla estate gained its greatest fame under the lords of Stockau. The sulfur spa with a quality healing mineral water and a rich cultural program attracted visitors from afar. The Viennese cream began to travel to Napajedla after the establishment of the stud farm, which flourished mainly by the son-in-law of Count Aristides Baltazzi. The tradition of breeding English thoroughbreds in Napajedlí lasts without interruption for more than 130 years. Grazing herds of horses are an unusual feature of the area. The square in Napajedlí is dominated by the neo-renaissance town hall building. Other sights include the Baroque church of St. Bartholomew, and the building of the former monastery. The town of Napajedla offers contemporaries good conditions for sports and social life, welcomes its visitors and develops into the European present.

Rooms description

The floor of the chateau rooms is the “floor of life”

The floor of the castle rooms is the “floor of life”. It is a place where you will feel like “ecstatic” from the ordinary reality of the world. You will forget about everyday worries. Each room is different, it is designed according to special energy rules. You lack courage, stay in a room Courage, you lack balance, in a room We will help you find balance in balance, you want to rejoice in life, use the room Joy. If you need motivation or you need to make a decision in life, enjoy a few moments in the Motivation room. If you want to change something, try the Transformations room.

Room No. 1: WEDDING

Courage is often lacking or sometimes lost in a person’s life. However, it is important for each of us. You may find it in this beautiful castle room, which is illuminated by elegant white and at the same time bright colors. Apartment with a large hallway, spacious room, with a large bathroom – bath and shower, separate toilet.

Room No. 2: WISDOM

Our lifelong goal should be to find general, pure, human wisdom. Maybe you will succeed in a blue-silver room, which is illuminated by peace, overlooking the crowns of a century-old tree that remembers everything that Napajedla Castle has experienced. The room has a beautiful large separate bathroom. You can get to the room through an interesting and mysterious castle corridor. The room is located in the northern crest of the castle.

Room No. 3: FAMILY

This bright three-room apartment with a view of two sides of the world invites you to uniquely transfer your own home comfort to the old castle walls. Two separate bedrooms ensure sufficient comfort. As well as two bathrooms with their own toilet.

Room No. 4: VITALITY

Just as the water in a river flows…, so the forest is constantly evolving and changing. This is also our life, in which we need life force – vitality. Let’s look for it together in a large room, which is furnished with a combination of silver and green. Aspects of nature and pure strength breathe on you. The room has a bathroom with shower and toilet, large bathtub is part of the room with a view from the window.

Room No. 5: BALANCE

We are all looking for a balance – a balance, between work, family, free time. We often grope and do not know how to put it all together. However, balance is important. You may find it in a pleasant room that combines clear lines and bright colors that affect our life energies and our chakras. Beautiful room with separate bathroom, bath and toilet.


In today’s hectic and hectic times, we often forget about feelings, touch, tenderness. But we all need it. A pure feeling that can do a lot. This gentle white-pink room will help you find what you may be missing in your life. Smaller romantic room with a bathtub on silver legs in the room, separate toilet and facilities.

Room No. 7 TALENT

Are you looking for your talent? Don’t know what your life, work or personal parquet is? Are you looking for your passion for life? So do not hesitate and visit the talent room. This peace and essence will support the understanding of your identity. Smaller cozy room with flowers and a nice bathroom – shower and toilet.


The meaning of life is in our hands. It’s up to us which way we go and how we live. The room envelops you in a peaceful setting in a pale blue arrangement. It creates a pleasant atmosphere. Here you will be able to indulge in the flow of your dreams and the golden ray of creativity in peace. Larger room with bath within the room, bathroom with shower and toilet.


Can’t decide what you want? Are you hesitant in your life? Are you not in harmony? Are you not clear about your intentions? Therefore, look for a source of strength in nature, which is our natural helper. Trust your intuition. In the room of clarity you will certainly succeed. Smaller room with shower and toilet.

Room No. 10 JOY

Joy is to be an integral part of life. Therefore, let us enjoy life with all our senses and develop a holistic view of life. Let us gladly accept the colorful symphony of happiness and get rid of fear. Seek joy not only in this beautiful, spacious room, but in all areas of life. The joy is a larger room with bathroom – with bath and toilet.


Nowadays, abundance is considered something bad, unacceptable. However, each of us has the right to live a full life. Let us promote a natural sense of self-appreciation and self-esteem, not only in this pleasant room, but throughout our lives. The room has a pleasant view of the castle park, bathroom, toilet.

Room No. 12 CHANGES

Life is a cycle and a constant change that we should never be afraid of. Therefore, let’s look for what we can work on, what we can improve, both at work, personal or life level. Enjoy thinking and change in this wonderful large room overlooking the park. The room is one of the largest in the castle, has a beautiful bathroom with bath, shower and toilet. It has a beautiful view of the park on the historic First Republic outdoor pool, which was designed by one of the owners of the castle J.A.Baťa.


It often happens that we do not know how to act, how to keep a cool head. We often give up in negotiations without wanting to. Sometimes we are nervous and react inappropriately. Learning assertiveness is difficult, but it is worth trying to act calmly and with clear intent. Assertiveness, smaller room overlooking the park, with bathroom – shower and toilet.


The room is connected by a common corridor, it is separate with a bathroom – shower and toilet.

Services description

Napajedla Castle is a family hotel that offers comfortable and cozy accommodation. Each of the rooms has its own atmosphere and unique style. An integral part of the hotel is a castle cafe with a summer terrace and a castle wine shop. In summer, guests can use the renovated historic First Republic Pool from the 1930s, which was built by J.A. Bata.

In addition to organizing corporate events, conferences and training, we focus on weddings and family celebrations in the unique and beautiful environment of the Napajedla Castle. Perhaps we all dream of a perfect wedding, which should become a unique day and experience for each of us. And Napajedla Castle is the place created for this important day of life. With us you can enjoy an “all inclusive” wedding day or just a wedding ceremony.

The castle is also a beautiful historical cultural monument. Since 2010, a sightseeing tour has been open to the public, where visitors can admire the Baroque halls and lounges.


Double 7
Suite 7
Restaurant 40 seats
Congress Hall 80 seats
Training room 40 seats
Lounge 30 seats

Room equipment:

Contact informations

Zámecká 265, 763 61 Napajedla

Phone number: +420 733 191 735