About us

We believe in living a happy and fulfilled life. We want to surround ourselves with people for whom every day is a joy and whose eyes shine with enthusiasm from a job truly well done. We believe in honest, friendly and genuine hoteliers. We value well-wishing, conscious and positive guests. We are enthusiasts and passionate dreamers. We look up to professionals and appreciate experts. Our goal is to create a responsible platform that brings people together. We support, connect, praise and reward all those who approach their business with an open mind and a love for what they do. We share the voices of all satisfied guests who want to express their gratitude. We strive to create the Czech Hotel Awards in a respectful manner and look forward to all the new experiences and challenges that this meaningful journey will bring.

Choose your favourite hotel and send them your thanks. Your satisfaction is the best reward. Your opinion is important to us. Vote and become part of the Hotel of the Year Czech Hotel Awards.