The Hotel of the Year – Restaurant category has been temporarily interrupted due to the unfavourable development of the COVID-19 disease.

“It would be useless to announce the best hotel restaurants under the Czech Hotel Awards project for this year. The reasons are obvious and clear. Nevertheless, current times have shown that high-quality cuisine attracts customers and does not drag the hotel down. We all hope this situation turns positive soon without considerable loss and we announce the best restaurants‘ chart again.”

Lukáš Hejlík, mentor and juror of The Hotel of the Year Restaurant category

The Hotel of the Year Restaurant category is a platform for spreading word about hotels, which have stood out from a gastronomical perspective. Lukáš Hejlík nominates up to three hotel restaurants in each region, which are more of a main event, rather than just a supporting act. In each region, Lukáš selects a hotel restaurant, which truly sets the course in its category and deserves to receive the highest award.

Lukáš Hejlík

Lukáš Hejlík is permanently on the road with his theatre project. For six years now, Lukáš Hejlík’s Facebook page Gastromap has gathered tips for places that serve exceptional food, coffee or something sweet. The Gastromap itself works as an application, downloaded by 115,000 people. His book 365 has sold 30,000 copies, sharing 365 of his favourite businesses from all over the Czech Republic.

“It ended up being quite difficult to sort the list of nominees, because there are so many hotel restaurants where the team is doing their best, but are still playing a somewhat sad, second fiddle. When guests know where to eat well, that is what they look forward to and end up choosing their hotel based on its amazing restaurant. This still isn’t a common case here, however, even though we can see more places like this,” says Lukáš Hejlík.

Lukáš Hejlík’s selection for the Hotel of the Year Restaurant category contains such renowned hotel restaurants that they are often the main destination of hotel guests. Without a doubt, these are restaurants where guests come mainly because of the cooking that is simply worth a visit. The nominated restaurants are unique in a way that separates them from being just a complementary, however great, service of the hotel.

Are you wondering which hotels these are?

South Moravian Region

Hotel Amande / Hustopeče

Signature / Victory / Popůvky

André / Velké Pavlovice


South Bohemian Region

Goldie / Nautilus / Tábor

Klika Kitchen & Coffee / České Budějovice



Karlovy Vary Region

Promenáda / Promenáda / Karlovy Vary

Grandrestaurant Pupp / Karlovy Vary



Pardubice Region

Bohém / Aplaus / Litomyšl

Tvrz Orlice / Letohrad



Capital city Prague

Zlatá Praha / InterContinental Prague / Praha

Spices / Mandarin Oriental / Praha

Imperial / Imperial / Praha


Olomouc Region

Entrée / Theatre / Olomouc




Moravian-Silesian Region

Zámeček Petrovice / Petrovice

Miura / Čeladná

Loft / City.City / Ostrava

Zlín Region

Endemit / Horní Bečva

U Vychopňů / Vsetín

Radun / Luhačovice


Central Bohemian Region

Chateau Kotěra / Ratboř

Piano Nobile / Chateau Mcely / Mcely

Dvůr Hoffmeister / Číčovice


Liberec Region

U Čápa / Příchovice

Praha / Liberec

Premier / Bedřichov


Plzeň Region

U všech kukaček / Hotel Mádr / Modrava

Nebespán / Kašperské Hory

Statek česká lípa / Myslovice


Hradec Králové Region

Bonato / Náchod

Hradečanka  / Horní Malá Úpa



Ústí nad Labem Region

Ostrov / Tisá

Capra / Salva / Litoměřice

Dvůr Perlová voda / Kostelec nad Ohří


Vysočina Region

Jelínkova vila / Velké Meziříčí

Horní dvůr / Nové město na Moravě

Selský dvůr / Daňkovice