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Do you wake up in the morning, knowing that the work you do makes someone’s day more beautiful, filled with experiences, relaxation, great food and granted wishes? Do you run your hotel with love and believe that you can pass this joy on to your guests? Are your clients a blessing for you and do you look forward to delighting them with perfect service and a personal approach? We believe you do! If so, The Hotel of the Year award is precisely for you. Become the most popular hotel in its category within your region or the entire Czech Republic. Allow your satisfied clients to share their appreciation of your everyday efforts. Take full advantage of what the Hotel of the Year award offers. Receive proof that your business is run with open arms and pure enthusiasm. After all, satisfied guests are the highest reward for a hotelier. So do not hesitate and come receive yours.

The Hotel of the Year awards are presented for each region and Prague district. Nominated hotels are registered on the official award website. Here the public can vote for their favourite hotel in categories 3, 4, 5 stars, Wellness & Spa and Congress. Within each region and category, one winning hotel is selected. The absolute winner in all categories is decided upon by an expert jury.

We would like to inform you about the start of registrations for the 11h annual Hotel of the Year Awards.

Voting will begin on 1.11.2021

Voting will end on 31.3.2022.

The winners of the Hotel of the Year 2022 awards will be announced on 31.4.2022.


Voting will take place on the official website,

You can vote for your favourite hotel in the 3, 4, 5 stars, Wellness & Spa and Congress categories by entering your email address. Only one hotel can be voted for per email and IP address.

Registration form is available here.